Will Enrichment turn him into a Destruction Monster?

Ok, it's slightly dramatic but the question that comes up almost weekly in my enrichment group, Canine Enrichment,  is this, Will allowing him to tear up boxes to get the food out just teach him to destroy everything?  (In many of the enrichment activities shown in the group, food or toys are placed in boxes for … Continue reading Will Enrichment turn him into a Destruction Monster?

When is Enrichment Not Enrichment?

Always looking for enrichment ideas and finding nowhere catering specifically for canine enrichment I recently (2nd July 2017) embarked on starting a Facebook group for that very thing.  Canine Enrichment (my Facebook group) exploded and today just 8 weeks on, the membership stands at over ten thousand. Edit:  the group now stands at over 200,000 … Continue reading When is Enrichment Not Enrichment?